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Thals- Villanelle | Sailing Back in Time

Thals is an indie-pop skater girl with a punk flair and a rock-star heart. Thals is Half, Colombian, Half Spanish, but an overall savage. She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter.

Thals is another example of a London-based artist trying to stand out with a fresh take on a sound that once ruled the charts. Her pop music is heavily influenced by both popular indie bands, as well as 80s new wave artists.

Furthermore, her music is indie-pop with a punk edge, and she writes and produces everything herself. She began intensively pursuing music in 2020 and is now prepared to pursue a career as an artist.

“In the blink of an eye,” one amongst her singles, features a catchy melody and words that we can all connect to. If you appreciate Avril Lavigne or any other indie-pop songs from the 2000s, you’ll adore this. “In the blink of an eye” is a bright and joyous musical with lyrical themes of love-deprived adolescent insecurity.

Now she has a new single, ‘Villanelle. ‘ This song is inspired by the Killing Eve television series, as per the disclaimer. It is raw and gives you 80s vibes. You feel like being at a live concert in a small bar with indie musicians performing for their fans over freshly poured beers.

Your ears soak in every beat as you drink it in from the tip of your toes to the top of your head , totally transfixed on a song about a love failure gone so very wrong yet somehow still popping with so much life. It’s addictive!

Listen to Villanelle here.

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