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Stay For Tomorrow-Prison Living
Stay For Tomorrow-Prison Living
Stay For Tomorrow-Prison Living

Stay For Tomorrow-Prison Living | Rattle the chains

Break out of the funk, you may need an aid. You asked for a riot and got a rampage. Stay For Tomorrow are a Scottish alt-rock act that are belting out the most scrumptious numbers since their first release broke through, Kings & Queens. Their latest single is called Prison Living, and now we know they’ve always been on a hot streak.

Stay For Tomorrow learn how to precisely weave their tradition into the integral cogs of alt-rock. Just like Biffy Clyro, they make sure the vernacular sound is a composite of the recipe that makes it stand out. With riffs and rhythms designed around the same, Prison Living tries to push through the fold-and makes the listener comfortable at the same time.

Their sound has a special ability to change the focal cone during the play. This means you can sometimes hear them closer or further away, and this is kudos to their production as well. Their sound builds to peaks that flatten out before the crash, and that makes it much more exciting to listen to the sound. From the R.E.M style track The One last year to insane spatial order in Rumors, Stay For Tomorrow have begun this journey with one aim in their mind. To create relevance and joy through their art. Luckily, they’ll stay till tomorrow.

Listen to their single here:

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