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Everything but the Everything - The Story
Everything but the Everything - The Story

Everything but the Everything – The Story | post punk

Everything but the Everything aka veteran Bay Area musician Izzy The Gent is embracing the new wave post-punk scene with his newest collaborative single, The Story. Featuring Sophia Prise, the Story is an upbeat, almost video-game like tune that immerses you immediately. With a resounding hook, that goes “Its going down..” you know for a fact that the song is a rising and falling groove you have to listen to!

The song has a muted, surround-sound vibe with dynamic guitars and percussion that guides the song. Everything but the Everything feels like the best way to describe this song which exists in the space between rock and punk and has some 80s synth pop elements that I just cannot put my finger on. The vocals are brought to you by Sophia Prise whose timbre really gives the edge to the song. The vocals are dramatic and dynamic and seductive and reign the music in.

If I was you, I’d be blasting The Story by Everything but the Everything out loud and absolutely losing my mind to it. If you have days when you want to drown the world out, the drum fills and the guitar riffs in this track are for you. Izzy the Gent is a veteran to the world of rock, but has created and curates for you a niche punk rock grove that you can escape into. The new wave post-punk feel really comes through towards the end of the song. Everything but the Everything reminds me of early 90s and 2000s punk rock, and The Story is such a perfect fit into his discography.

Studio producer Rex Shelverton (Bella Vista, Vue) recorded and mixed all the songs, giving the project its distinct tone. Izzy found his spot promoting rock gigs at iconic San Francisco venues like Slims, The Great American Music Hall, The Rickshaw Stop, and The Red Devil Lounge after years of promoting dance music events. Izzy has performed with San Francisco bands The Cons, Song of the Siren, The Party Fouls, Fake Your Own Death, Sporting Life but found his home with the indie electro outfit, The Frail. Everything but the Everything also reminds me of A Flock of Seagulls, The Strokes and The Smiths.

With the most distinct sound, The Story by Everything but the Everything is the perfect song to tune out the world and tune into yourself. I know I’ll be doing that for sure!

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