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Echo Coast - Drinkin’ in Berlin | Energetic 
Echo Coast - Drinkin’ in Berlin | Energetic 

Echo Coast – Drinkin’ in Berlin | Energetic 

James Hobbs, a passionate singer and songwriter, is all about music that uplifts you. The songs that speak for himself have always managed to resonate with ardent souls.  His fresh release, Drinkin’ in Berlin is a soul-refreshing, energetic number that should definitely find a place in your “upbeat” playlist. 

Echo Coast is James Hobbs’s proud musical undertaking that churns out fresh rock singles. Each of his songs is a result of his excellent flairs as a singer and songwriter. And Drinkin’ in Berlin is no exception. 

Drinkin’ in Berlin starts off with a pompous energetic beat, that establishes some fine vibes from the starting itself. The song is an intense concoction, a fine blend of rock and pop undertones. You can easily find some elements that will leave you awestruck in the first listen itself. Moreover, it is an energetic, upbeat number, that may not be everyone’s type. But one thing that everyone would love is the cool, casual, laid back, and charming vibes that it radiates. It kind of changes your mood only for the better. If you are in dire need of some upliftment, or energy, or even if you just want to fix those crazy Monday blues, Drinkin’ in Berlin is the answer. 

With excellent beats, fine vocals, and fresh words, Drinkin’ in Berlin makes for a great track to listen to. Moreover, this track is a perfect reflection of James’s musical flairs that he makes perfect use of in all of his tracks. 

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