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Cormac Looby - Things We Don’t Control | Euphonious 
Cormac Looby - Things We Don’t Control | Euphonious 

Cormac Looby – Things We Don’t Control | Euphonious 

Cormac Looby, a Galway based singer and songwriter, has released a brand new EP called Things We Don’t Control. With rich melodies, this EP makes for a great listen.

Things We Don’t Control is a fine mix of rock, pop, and indie tunes that are blended together just perfectly. The great thing about this EP is that every track feels so different from each other yet so similar. Of course, the combined genres give it that signature effect, but Cormac Looby’s understanding of “what to use when” is something commendable. He knows how to make a melancholic song melancholic, but not over the top. Each track is like a painting painted with subtle soft strokes only to form something extraordinary.  

This amalgamation of soul-soothing songs easily manages to make you tender. On starting off the EP, you are mesmerized by the very first track itself. Patriot is one of the most stunning tracks in this album, in my opinion. It has melancholic undertones in its lyrics, tunes, and vocals that just fit together perfectly. A catchy chorus, and that one melody that lingers long after listening, make you want to revisit this track again and again. The ingenuity of Cormac Looby as an artist is palpable through this iconic number. Simply because there are a lot of elements in this song that aren’t easy to achieve. The euphony of Patriot is something altogether unique. You would want to explore this track further if you find yourself astounded in the very first listen. Such is the beauty of Patriot. 

Hard-wiring is a track that explores self-deprecation in the sweetest, the most nonchalant manner. The laid back yet deeply meaningful lyrics make it a great enjoyable listen. Moreover, Looby’s versatility as a singer is reflected in this track. In fact, all the songs are sung with quite unique nuances. So, that is one of the reasons why they all feel so authentic. And something you haven’t heard before. 

The other two tracks are equally worth digging into. Couldn’t Be The Only One is a perfect blend that feels as crisp as freshly brewed coffee. The use of perfect instruments to evoke that feeling of joy and sweet sombreness feels like a pure treat. You would want to play this track in times you want a little kick to keep going. Nothing but gorgeous. 

Start Again is another mellifluous treat that is sombre too. Its goodness lies in its moving lyrics that feel like are written by someone who feels so deeply. Doesn’t every amazing artist feel deeply, though? 

Anyway, the depth in words easily manages to stir your soul and leave you wanting for more. Overall, this EP is surely a great one to check out if you love laid back rock, indie tunes. 

Listen to this gorgeous EP by Cormac Looby here: 

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