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SYKE - Waste My Time
SYKE - Waste My Time

SYKE – Waste My Time | Empowering Future

SYKE (Christina Grishaeva) is a Russian pop artist with a desire to be a symbol of empowerment, love and freedom. Citing her genre as Fem-Pop, SYKE aims to empower more individuals who subscribe to reverse gender roles. With a queer outlook on life as well as presentation, there is so much to unpack here. Her futuristic wardrobe is the perfect visual aesthetic for her progressive music.

Waste My Time happens to be one of the most beautifully crafted progressive electronic pieces I’ve heard. It also happens to be Syke’s debut single. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter showcases such beauty and talent in everything that she does. Waste My Time has the most upbeat, empowering vibe. The vocals on the track are uplifting, the lyrics are incredible. Hopeless romantics can really resonate with what SYKE says. Specifically, in lines such as We’re overdosing on each other / I think I like you just enough / For you to waste my time. The themes that SYKE explores with this track hold so much relevance in today’s youth. Especially with how fast and loose relationships have become. Moreover, the way we view these things has changed and no one has articulated it better.

Waste My Time is, with all intent and purpose, a summer anthem to sexual, personal and cultural liberation. If you’re looking for someone to help you express how you’ve been feeling, this is the artist for you.

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