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Sunday Hunter – Illogical Sphere | Blending Thoughts

Sunday Hunter, a singer/songwriter from Brisbane, Australia, has just released a new song called ‘Illogical Sphere‘.  The title alone caught my attention in listening to and learning more about the music. The songwriting, as predicted, is fantastic, delving into so many complex thoughts in our nerves that cause such perplexity and critical feelings in our minds. However, these fleeting ideas are well expressed in the song, which is an incredible feat.

The words are kept basic so that listeners can follow along as the song advances, and there are also pauses between the verses, which makes for a much more pleasurable listening experience. Furthermore, the top-notch vocal delivery elevates the song’s mood by layering so beautifully and adding the proper depth.

The ambience is beautifully crafted to be ear appealing from the beginning guitar melody over the guitar strumming, which is a really noticeable start. As the tune proceeds, we are exposed to deeper levels of guitar arrangements, which are very captivating to our ears. The drums provide the perfect pulses and keep the song’s energy rolling. The energy is also encoded with some pretty cool synthetic textural noises that seem quite attractive.

The experience becomes truly entire for us when we mix the production with powerful writing and profound thought, which is given such great significance by the vocal performance. I’m hoping that the music will strike the appropriate chords with listeners, and that knowing about the lyrics will pique their interest.

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