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Songs for Sabotage - Rumors | Crisp
Songs for Sabotage - Rumors | Crisp

Songs for Sabotage – Rumors | Crisp

Songs for Sabotage, an L.A. based duo, has released their brand new single which stirs all the right emotions after a long day.

Lina Sophie and Richie Rose together create music that perfectly complements the gloomy days in the most satisfying manners. It feels crisp to the ears because of all the rich vocals and music that feels enriching. 

Rumors starts off with almost eerie rhythms that drive your attention almost immediately. The way the song unfolds to the chorus is amazing in itself. When it comes to vocals, the way the song has been sung adds to its slightly sinister vibe. 

Rumors is a song that makes for a great complementary track on a long drive. It has elements that need to be explored, textures that need to be paid heed to. Its lyrics add to the whole calm and oddly mysterious vibe even further. 

Rumors is a track that has a mix of pop, alternative rock, and indie influences. It definitely is an authentic track that has a lot of creative elements to it. With rich artistic undertones, it easily makes for a song that needs to be listened to several times. The reason why it feels crisp is because the chorus feels staggering. The chorus has intense pop elements, making it catchy and attention-grabbing. 

Overall, Rumors by Songs for Sabotage easily makes for a great track to listen to, if you are looking for music that is authentic, deep, crisp, and refreshing. 

Listen to this single right here: 

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