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Lara Snow - Castles In The Snow | Fresh 
Lara Snow - Castles In The Snow | Fresh 

Lara Snow – Castles In The Snow | Fresh 

Lara Snow, a passionate singer, songwriter, and producer, recently released her single, which feels like a breath of fresh air.

True to Lara’s style of music, Castles In The Snow also has elements of pop, electric music, and even a tinge of rock all combined together. The fine amalgamation of all the elements turns out to be a refreshing treat for the ears. Castles In The Snow is like one of those rare songs that have that innate quality of lingering around you after the first listen itself. It is extraordinarily catchy and in the most gorgeous of ways. The best thing about this track is that you would love the way it grows on you. When the energetic chorus unfolds every time, you get a distinct kind of fulfilment. The way this song has been sung feels amazing to the ears. The slight more emphasis on the word “Castles” exaggerates the passion of the speaker to an extent that it feels personal. 

One of the things that will move you about this track is its fine beats, rhythms, and melodies. It is an indie-pop track that invigorates the room you play it in. Lara Snow’s vocals feel refreshing, passionate. Moreover, the feelings she brings into the song by her way of singing is needless to mention. On listening to this song for the first time, you would definitely fall for her vocals. 

What will definitely stay with you, is the urge to re-listen. You cannot just leave it and move on. This track is enticing in many ways, but especially because of its catchy tunes. 

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