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Flowerbomb-Sorry | Rewire and rejoice

Flowerbomb has been a busy artist during the pandemic. They’ve released several singles in that period, often catching her fans by surprise. They’ve built a steady collection of catchy, immersive songs trying new styles of genres and songwriting. Their video for pretty dark’s early single release Sorry is here. Sometimes its good to revisit what rocks your windowpanes.

Flowerbomb has achieved a solid alt-rock vibe in this song Sorry. The track renders just as explosive as when they released it, and the video just adds to the fun. Using the post-punk entry of emo rock, this song is one filled with power live instruments. No time has to be wasted to know they won’t fly past using the punk power chord trio and finishing it off. The tale begins after that. The art is in adding these special flourishes that don’t make the track just another alt-rock song. There are many out there, and they’ve ensured this is one you revisit when you’re down.

Their full length EP pretty dark has just released and this music video is worth watching time and again. If you had a colorful imagination, you would have pictured something offbeat, but not something like this. The sound quality in the track was always something special, the effort put shows pretty clearly. Watching Rachel Kline’s project come together on camera is fun as well, putting faces to the musicians that helped the day get a little bit shorter.

Watch and listen to Flowerbomb here:

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