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Eddie Cohn – Underwater | Dystopian

LA-based singer-songwriter, producer and DJ, Eddie Cohn seeks human connection in whatever art form he chooses to express himself through, be it music, podcast, or a novel. Music has been Eddie’s primary focus after spending decades making records, Dj-ing and trying other ventures. Today, we’re listening to his 2021 release, “Underwater“.

“Underwater” is the third track from Eddie’s nine-track album, “Dystopian Days”. The theme of the song is inspired by the gloomy state of the world around the pandemic. The artist talks about how precious and peaceful a normal day can be when there’s chaos all around. Along with the smartly written lyrics, Eddie’s emotive and powerful voice sets up the melancholic mood of the song. The whole production is really tight and groovy, and the distinct panning techniques along with the vocal harmonies lend a psychedelic feel to the song.

Produced by Eddie himself, the song features drums and percussion by Jake Reed, guitars by Bruce Watson, and a beautifully melancholic cello outro by Phil Peterson. It was mixed and mastered by Kevin Penner. Along with the song comes a brilliant music video directed by Leslie Andrew Ridings and edited by Eddie. It features some beautiful shots of nature, expressive dance and shots of Eddie singing passionately.

This track very accurately delivers the theme of the album and engages the listener throughout, making you want to play the whole album and experience the curiously vivid soundscapes.

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