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Nikki Wishart – compromised | Emotional Trills

Nikki Wishart, a Melbourne singer, songwriter, and storyteller, completely immerses us in her new composition ‘compromised‘.  The beautiful new song clings to you with such tenderness and warmth. The song’s sensitive journey explores her inner agony and complications, which requires a great deal of courage and honesty to convey without bounds. As the song develops, the feeling becomes more empowering, with the idea of breaking free from any shackles. The emotion is already present in the writing, and the vocal delivery will undoubtedly bring you all into the realm of these feelings. As the story unfolds, the song evolves and grows in you, keeping us musically glued to the music till the finish.

I’m enthralled by the addition of such pleasant noises beneath the warm Piano chords, which perfectly match the singing. Every texture blends into the next with such ease and seamlessness that the combination of these colours has a profound effect on us. The sound design adds visual dimension to the music, allowing you to envision what the voice is saying. The expressions are razor-sharp. With such deep gritty sub bass below, the muted chugs of the guitars sound so attractive, and the spectrum is covered so beautifully. The orchestral tom hits add so much energy to the drum that it truly brings out our feelings. I sincerely hope that the music is discovered and loved by a large number of people.

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