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alexiane-you say you love me
alexiane-you say you love me

Alexiane – You Say You Love Me | Modern

Hailing from Montmagny, Canada, Montreal-based pop singer Alexiane wows listeners with her single, “You Say You Love Me”— a tune that’s one of the few that possess legitimate loop-all-day potential. Read along, as I unpack this melodious number from her album, “Into The Sun”.

The song starts off mellow yet strong, with her raspy tone introducing us to the dominant elements of the song, slowly evolving into a ballad-like presentation, with her storytelling taking centre stage; as she delivers stories upon stories with every line she writes. The acoustic guitar riff in the background makes for great accompaniment, drawing the perfect balance between the mellower verses and the wholly modern-sounding chorus, filled with powerful percussion that reminds one of a combination of Halsey’s earlier work, with a tasteful sprinkle of Fleurie and the powerful delivery of Natasha Blume as heard on “Black Sea”, but made just the right kind of unique with a happier, lighter undertone.

While the lyricism in the pre-chorus may seem a tad repetitive at times, it’s more than compensated for by the melodic variation that Alexiane brings in with her sheer vocal talent and ability. The instrumental sounds very well-produced, complimenting the energy of the song very well as it moves through its states of mellow humming to all out power- right down to the last second; all glued together with a potent, forward-yet-dynamic mix that makes this song a thoroughly enjoyable listen. This one’s sure to make a brilliant addition to your playlists, as it’s been to mine! Check out “You Say You Love Me” here-

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