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King Kismet | Catching Fire | Melody and Dubstep?
King Kismet | Catching Fire | Melody and Dubstep?

King Kismet – Catching Fire | Melody and Dubstep?

King Kismet is Phoenix, Arizona based Producer and DJ Garett Pierre Rogers’ alter ego. His music is a combination of pop, future bass and melodic dubstep.

Catching Fire is his latest release and is a bit of a relief to listen to. Under the numerous amounts of House tunes that release every day, believe it or not, sometimes one can find an inventive one that is simply not a dull remake of an 80-90s song to rake in Spotify revenues and internet notoriety, thanks to TikTok trends. This time, Rogers has featured some really cool vocals. The crux of the track is in the vocals that he somehow manages to squeeze into the drop as well.

King Kismet’s percussions really stand out, and is much more dynamic than I expected. The real star however is singer who works stupendously with her funky vocal, lending tons and tons of energy to the schematic! Further, the dubstep drop presents the right dose of adrenaline. If I was a bored worker spending a mundane night at work, this would be right up my alley because of the danceable and cheerful atmosphere attached to this record.

There’s the right mix of pauses and relishable vibes, without exceeding hastily into a cheesy, radio-ready zone.

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