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SickWalt-Oh Weh Ha
SickWalt-Oh Weh Ha
SickWalt-Oh Weh Ha

SickWalt-Oh Weh Ha | The stadium echoes

Look, let’s be real. We have tons of artist who claim to be the next AC/DC in terms of songs. You might not get the same pull or movement, but some can make it happen. SickWalt is definitely one of those bands, and you’ve been living in a rut till you’ve heard of them. I’ve heard 40 rock artists since the beginning of this year, and SickWalt is one of those few who can make a stadium vibrate with maniacal intensity.

Oh Weh Ha is essentially the chorus for this song. You’ll sing it only because it has to be done, otherwise you feel empty inside, like when you’ve ordered KFC for the 8th time in the week. Shove ‘n’ Love was their 2021 album, received well among indie rock fans. If you hadn’t lost momentum since then and reached a point, Oh Weh Ha is their encore somehow. It has a great simple riff, an energetic drum solo to get the crowd going and the verse is… well, Oh Weh Ha.

“Sick” Walt Novak seems to have had a vision of people enjoying the chaos and beauty of rock ‘n’ roll. Joining up with Max Capshaw, this duo is the driving force of SickWalt. They’ve made it clear they aren’t here for a boy band stint with BuzzFeed articles later trying to keep them relevant. They have the drive, the goods and definitely the tracks to make the songs stick to your ever-humming subconscious. Now chant with them or go back to checking how your bank balance is so low. I prefer the former too.

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