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ANVR – Live At Sunset Recording Studios | Intimate

Based out of Capetown, South Africa, ANVR is an alt-rock duo, with Andreas Potgieter on vocals and guitar, and Simon Orrey as the drummer and the producer. Previously known as Boston Light Band, ANVR released their first two singles in 2019, followed by a few more singles in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, they are back with their debut 4-track EP, “Live at Sunset Recording Studios”.

This intimate compilation was recorded live at Jürgen von Wechmar’s Sunset Recording Studios, which is considered one of South Africa’s premier, high-end residential recording studios, geared for songwriting, music production, recording and mixing. The studio complex is located in Western Cape, South Africa and access is by invitation only. The four songs are one-take recordings, which almost gives the listener the experience of a live performance in front of them.

Along with three brand new songs, the EP consists of an acoustic version of their song “Glowing In The Gold”, originally released in 2019. This song describes a toxic relationship, where you’re not sure about the way things are but you’re not able to let go anyway. It starts with soothing guitar picking accompanied by Andreas’ strong, raw and emotive vocals. The chorus has a rather passionate strumming pattern. The vocal harmonies complement the emotions of the song really well.

Up next is a new song, “Dive”. This song has a catchy rhythm to its vocal flow, along with dynamic use of the acoustic guitar, and crispy vocal harmonies. This song puts together some heartfelt lyrics along with a passionate melody.

“Down by the River”, the next track in the EP, starts with Potgieter’s deep voice, along with a really fresh guitar rhythm, with a sort of swing to it. The moody humming really sets the vibe for this song, and the chorus has some passionate vocal harmonies. This is yet another dynamic performance that catches the listener’s focus and makes you swing to it.

The last track on the EP, “Superman” starts with single guitar plucks, immediately followed by a passionate strumming pattern. The song has beautiful lyrics with pleasant rhymes and a really catchy hook. Despite following a similar strumming pattern through the song, this performance again feels quite dynamic, especially the bridge which features a unique vocal flow and guitar slaps. The vocal harmonies complement the melody really well and enhance the emotion of the song.

“Live At Sunset Recording Studios” makes you go through a lot of deep emotions, and its raw nature makes the music feel much more human, much more vulnerable, enabling you to face your own vulnerabilities. It is a really well-executed piece of work, with the dynamic performances gripping you throughout, even wanting more. The fact that the EP sounds so beautiful and complete even with the instruments stripped away is proof of their brilliant songwriting. It would be interesting to see if the duo plans to add more instrumentation to the new songs, or leaves them to their natural, raw beauty.

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