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Jhiido - I WANT U
Jhiido - I WANT U

Jhiido – I WANT U | alt-pop

Florida based artist Jhiido (aka Jax Butterfield) just released his newest single, I WANT U. This upbeat alternate pop track is a combination of techno and pop. The vocals on the track display the raw yearning that the song is about. The progressions in the vocals, the instrumentals and the switch-ups makes keeps the listener on their feet and makes the track interesting.
I WANT U tracks a college romance and Jhiido did the great job converting his heartbreak into music. The production on the track is simple and straightforward, but will get you grooving. Jhiido’s music showcases an eclectic mix of far-reaching vocals, infectious rhythms and hard-hitting electronics. He incorporates engaging beats and solid vocal melodies in this craftily produced song, making it a pleasure to listen to right off the bat. The song is made even more relatable and engaging by his emotive performance and relatable lyrics. As the track progresses, bass synths and strong beats take over the groove, making the track quite vigorous and energetic. Jhiido also mentions that the song has sexy/emotional vibes and was made for nighttime drives. I couldn’t agree more – the laid back vocals but uptempo beats really do make you want to blast this song out on a long drive.

Don’t miss out on I WANT U by Jhiido.

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