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Hyooman - Month End
Hyooman - Month End

Hyooman – Month End | indie

Hyooman is a Minneapolis-based Alternative/Indie Rock band. The band was created in October 2020 as the brainchild of songwriter Leng Moua, who wanted to make an album at McCoy Seitz’s studio, Casino Time, with his friend and now drummer McCoy Seitz. Tamara Alswager, Dillon Marchus, and old friend Elise Bremer were later added to the band. The band’s music is in between Alex G and the alternative indie rock sound of Grandaddy and Built to Spill from the 1990s and early 2000s. Their newest single Month End comes at coincidentally the right time and I can’t help but seek comfort in it.
The song begins with the sound of wind or a storm and slowly lets you enter its orbit of soothing, mellow harmonies. The alternate indie-rock band has a very dream-pop, mellow vibe. The vocals and harmonies are hushed and atmospheric. The guitar has a very raw and soft feel to it. By the third time you hear it, you’ll be singing along to the chorus lines, “Timing is everything and everything is time.” Month End fits perfectly into their discography and the path their music seems to be progressing on. Their sound is very cohesive and you will surely feel chill and comforted when the Month Ends.

I definitely look forward to hearing more from Hyooman. I wouldn’t be surprised to find them on a playlist alongside Mild Orange, The War on Drugs and Elephants in Dark Rooms.

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