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Chucky Trading Co-Margarita
Chucky Trading Co-Margarita
Chucky Trading Co-Margarita

Chucky Trading Co-Margarita | Desert dune glide

For a dynamic collaboration like Chucky Trading Co, no genre bending is too big. Since I reviewed their single Honey Bee last year, I’ve been looking out for more product from Chucky Trading Co. They have a raw energy they give to the gentle sound of folk-rock, the likes of the Canyon musicians of the 70s. Luckily these fellows can give us that music today. Their single is called Margarita.

Infatuation can produce phenomenal art. Van Gogh, Chicago and Raphael are some artists who have birthed something beyond our wildest beliefs while stuck in limbo for the moment. Person in question here is the eve-eluding love, Margarita. Flourishes with generous helpings of blues guitar, this is essentially the revival of America, everyone’s favorite sing-along band. They embody the desert, and the mirage that it carries so proudly.

Margarita infuses those newer blues to this folk-rock sound. The result is something special, the airy lightness of folk rock combined with the slick, suave motion of the blues. The chorus is catchy, lacks unnecessary long words, so you can be humming Margarita any time you please. With an infectious chord progression, it seems like Chucky Trading Co have once again hit the right notes.

The surprise package in the song is the switch at a easygoing, Spanish guitar style delivery early in the third minute. Navigating this sound expertly, they blend these styles to create an exciting sound, something that is rare unless you’re virtuosic in composition. Margarita is the track that plays when you first lay eyes on your crush. Hopefully your mind remembers those clean flourishes.

Listen to the track here:

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