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Shae Brock-The Canyon
Shae Brock-The Canyon
Shae Brock-The Canyon

Shae Brock-The Canyon | Angelic rock

She’s climbed the hill, to reach the other side. The Canyon is Shae Brock’s first single for 2022. I wish it’s a prequel for an astounding album, for the force is strong with this one. Shae Brock has been making waves since her single Mary Jane blew up on the streaming service. Thankfully, she’s endlessly creative and hungry for more.

If the crests and falls of the canyon are what come to your mind as a picture, create a sonic graph as well. Using only two simple chords to create a rhythmic pattern, Shae shows her majestic mane of melody to us in all its glory. She navigates notes on the lower scale with ease, shining when the rainbow peak of sound shows off its spectrum. With harmonics that are complex yet beautiful, Shae Brock has explored her musical creativity with passion. It transforms to a rock song in moments, harnessing Shae’s ability to smooth over genres she admires and takes after.

I had reviewed her 2021 single, Wish as well. I found it to have the same nature, the same roots. Yet, Shae Brock has taken this year or so to create an exciting album as well as leap years in her sound. Playing to her strengths, she is ever expanding her stylistic approach as an artist. She reminds me of Alanis Morrissette at her peak, creating remarkable hit after the other. More importantly, the music has soul.

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