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F. Scott – Normal Behaviour | Indie and more

Gabriel Burke started F. Scott as a side project while he was studying at the University of Guelph. During the course of his study, he produced a short EP entitled “Normal Behaviour” in his bedroom, a 4-track EP that explores an eclectic mix of folk, indie, hip-hop and some electronic music as well. With his introspective lyricism, he touches on themes depicting different moods and experiences one goes through in life; a very vibrant set of songs if you ask me!

The EP starts with an indie folk/country-ish sounding track called “Red Wine Stains”. Its upbeat groove instantly makes you want to swing to it, with quite a range of sounds that can make you feel the kind of joy and excitement the lyrics are talking about. Claps and vocal harmonies add up to the fun and play along with the hip-hop-inspired bit of the track that has a tight flow and quite effortlessly blends into the song.

The EP then transitions to the second track called “Medieval Alchemy”, which inclines towards more electronic sounds and a somewhat laid back mood. There is a sense of rhythm and a sense of harmony to this track from the strategically placed backing vocals. Additionally, the song also has a groovy rap section in the middle where Scott delivers a tight performance, followed by some tasty guitar picking. Vocals are the definite highlight of the track; Scott is quite diverse in his songwriting style and this song is a great example!

Title track, “Normal Behaviour”, ironically gives you an insight into the bits of craziness this EP holds. Switching back to the Indie-Folk vibe, the song blends some acoustic and electronic sounds. It’s about the typical teenage party attitude with a sort of careless mood and ends with the guy awkwardly staring at his crush, a second too long to be considered normal behaviour, I guess.

The EP ends with “Dragon Hearts”, which plays with more electronic sounds along with the ongoing Indie-folk vibe. The acoustic guitar in this track sounds very raw and suits the aesthetic of the song quite well. In terms of the production, this one is kind of moody, with some open spaces in its spectrum and some tight grooves. Additionally, the relaxed piano chords play well with the vocals as the track progresses, following which the infectious groove continues with guitar picking and some tasteful; a slightly aggressive tone with a unique flavour to it. The outro has a piano again, and the song ends on a rather amusing note. Scott showcases his versatile composition style extravagantly throughout this EP, and I really feel he should come back to the scene soon!

The singer-songwriter hasn’t really been that active since his debut EP, and I honestly feel he should come back to the scene soon! With just four tracks, Scott proves that he’s one of those artists that don’t really worry much about the crowd, but more about the music. Overall, “Normal Behaviour” is a fun and refreshing EP, which has some feel-good music with minimal, expressive and well-planned production along with an interesting use of sounds. It definitely stands proudly within the artist’s discography and leaves you yearning for more.

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