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Jidé Kuti - You're Not Special
Jidé Kuti - You're Not Special

Jidé Kuti – You’re Not Special | Hilarity

Singer-songwriter Jidé Kuti possesses the talent to present ideas discussed in the music industry in his new way, offering a fresh perspective to these concepts that resonate with the listener in a new variety.

The artist returns to their discography from a short-lived hiatus from their previous single Rooftop, and now adds to the collection You’re Not Special. The near four minute indie folk number manages to stay true to the roots of the genre, but also showcases minor variations of the hilarity and comedy of funkadelia, the staccato of rhythm and blues and the earthiness of native folk music. On the vocal performances and musical arrangement, Kuti shows an exemplarily thorough understanding of true musicianship and theatricality in performance.

Even without a music video, the cheeky undertone of the track flows into the ears of an eager and attentive listener. Despite only two tracks under his belt, the discography of Jidé Kuti already posits the maturity and veteranship of a natural musician, and his journey from here to the peaks of success is sure to be marvellously decorative. 

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