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Pixia | Gold of Mine | Profound | Singer-songwriter
Pixia | Gold of Mine | Profound | Singer-songwriter

Gold of Mine – Pixia | Profound

Pixia has released her fourth single – ‘Gold of Mine’. Pixia is a UK based singer-songwriter with a distinct style that has influences from the seventies. She has been releasing music under this project since the beginning of 2021 and debuted with her first EP ‘Morphia’. Hard work and perseverance have brought her a long way from working in her Leeds Apartment, using only a laptop and a microphone.

Gold of Mine has a very seventies vibe, especially the instrumentals. Its like the background is form the seventies but her vocals are modern. An interesting combination that compliments each other to give a very tantalizing aural experience. She talks about material wealth and whether having a gold mine will really give her real happiness. A very profound question that drives the story element of the song. A theme has been set and Pixia takes us on a journey through her retro world. Even the name of the song itself is a play on words.

“If I buy you silk, will you love me?”

A really odd choice of words. “Can I buy me infinity? The end of time?”. Absolutely beautiful lyrics that are so profound that it got me pondering from the minute Ive heard the track. It shows the struggle and experiences that have shaped Pixia to become who she is today. Its not like she was born with a silver spoon and just landed into stardom. She has worked hard and appreciates things other than just material wealth.

A really nice listen, along with a free bonus of a profound conversation with yourself about what’s really important. A package deal for every listener. Check out Pixias other work while you listen to ‘Gold of Mine’




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