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Krys Blank - Big City
Krys Blank - Big City

Krys Blank – Big City | theatrical

Krys Blank is a United Kingdom based, singer/songwriter and performer. His passionate vocals, expressive ad libs, and stylishly, compact songwriting talents elicit undeniable emotions, and he is a powerhouse with little guilt. His own songs and singing style are influenced by Rock, Soul, R&B, and Pop. At the age of 19, he began writing his own music and lyrics for the first time. He is now developing his own material and his debut album, Big City is a result of this.

Consisting of 7 songs with a run-time of 27 minutes, the album is an amalgamation of the indie pop rock vibe with some beautifully done acoustic pieces. The album begins with the track called Grown. With a succinct, instrumental feel that I can’t really put my finger on, Grown opens up the album with beautiful vocals and a well paced narrative. The drums in the background really bring out the mystery in the vocals.

The next track, Open Doors, begins with some beautiful acoustic guitar picking. This song slowly pushes Krys Blank’s vocal range, and we see him push it farther. The indie rock vibe really comes through with the instrumentals of this track. Let your bf know is the fast-paced, warning track on the album that really makes you think. We can almost hear the betrayal and the emotions in this track. It takes courage to write and put out a song like this and we are all here for it!

The mood of the album significantly changes with the next track, Coffee. A beautiful composition consisting of piano and vocals, this track is unplugged and the vibes are immaculate. Krys Blank really pushes his vocals from this track on. His vocals have a Broadway quality to them. I loved the acoustic pieces on this album. It really does bare all. The next track, Cycle, really kicks in with the broody, angsty feel that we all are feeling, but Krys Blank somehow manages to turn it into music.

The titular song, Big City, kicks in with its larger than life feel. With very interesting electronic pop-rock instrumentals, this song too has Broadway/ musical theatre feel that’ll make you feel like the main character. The final song on the album, Heart out, really hones in the two feels of the album. With a beautiful guitar sound, accompanied by Krys Blanks dynamic vocal range, this track really pours out a part of the artist’s soul for the listener.

Krys Blank’s Big City is an amalgamation of feelings and emotions, one feels engulfed in the mechanics of the big city and sometimes you need to stop and face the music. His music seems to have influences like Nirvana, The Animals and The Scorpions.

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