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Southerlies – Words | Colliding Threads

Southerlies have just released a new song called ‘Words,’ which takes you on this amazing journey. The music grows on you with time, and the more we listen to it, the more we like it. The song sets the tone right away with its opening guitar picking pattern, and the string arrangements further add to the song’s emotional complexity. The writing brilliantly captures his mind’s complex, confused thoughts. He conveys the nature of introspection into the phrases with such clarity that it lingers in our minds, causing our ears to adapt to follow the track’s flow. The song’s tone is further enhanced by the passionate vocal delivery. Throughout, the energy performance is steady.

In terms of the arrangement, the song is mostly built around guitars, but the lovely string arrangements provide depth to the emotional effect. The vocal harmonies that emerge as the tune develops give the sonic area a fantastically full sense. The harmonies also add to the track’s vitality by breaking up the monotony. To offer us such fantastic movement, the drums and bass sound highly synchronised and tight. The guitar tones are another element that contributes to the gloomy mood of the song, and when the piano is added in the chorus, the intensity level rises rapidly. The music is so pleasant to the ears that I am confident that anyone hears it will appreciate it.

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