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Phonix | Im the one | neorealistic Revolution | Alternative Rock
Phonix | Im the one | neorealistic Revolution | Alternative Rock

Phonix – Im the One | Neorealistic Revolution

Phonix is a relatively new producer, songwriter and musician from Charlotte, NC. ‘I’m the one’ is his first single. I believe it’s his take on the alternative rock genre. It’s a nice folksy neorealistic song about freedom and fighting for things that you want.

‘I’m the one’ is a neorealistic take on life with lyrics that really dig deep and leave you pondering. He talks about how obstacles are being stacked in front of him while all he wants is to fight for things he wants to do. He talks about confidence and how that could be the solution to finally set him free. In all honesty, today people have forgotten to live in the moment. Creating their own obstacles in their mind before even doing something. To think ahead is not a boon, it’s a bane, because you can never really know what’s in store for you. Be and do in the moment and you will be free.

Phonix has put together a wonderful neorealistic single which is really well mixed and all the elements sit perfectly together and compliment the vocals. Time effect on the vocals with some feedback has a very interesting result in this track. The track takes an very traditional path in direction and arrangement. That is, the track is slowly building towards a hook and then crashes back down, just to start building up to a final hook that seems to be the end of the track. What is really admirable is the production skills and sound design. The bass guitars are a really nice touch and some random ear candy, make this a very entertaining track throughout.

If you’re ever going through a tough time, just pay attention to the lyrics and you might actually realize nothing is as grave as it seems. Live now, think later!

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