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Molosser – Black Oak (Barebones Sessions) – Live | Truthful

Molosser just released the audio from their live performance of ‘Black Oak,’ which they played at Barebones Sessions. The performance has a lot of honesty and truth about it, and their sound is incredibly realistic. Listening to their other pieces from the Barebones Sessions, they have very successfully developed their particular sound in our ears. The sound creates a dynamic and emotional plot that immerses us in the environment. The guitars are so well-coordinated that it’s a joy to listen to.

Although the performance is limited to only guitars and vocals, the amount of motion on the guitars keeps our ears engaged and the performance keeps us engaged to those highly delicate improvisations that are so beautiful that can’t be ignored. The songwriting is genuinely exceptional, as is the way the message of the piece is presented. The performance has a gorgeous, faultless arc that captivates us, and the impression lasts long after the performance has ended. This is such a pleasure for the ears; I wish I could see this in person and be astounded every time the strings ring.

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