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Ellis Newman – Leaving The Party | Modern Concept

Leaving The Party,’ a terrific new tune by Ellis Newman, has just been released, and it’s already off to a great start. The songwriting is so honest that it will strike you like a tonne of bricks. There is a lot of reality check taking place right there, and it will attract a lot of attention. She accurately raises some significant awareness that has been circling us, and we have sometimes chosen to ignore it. These difficult ideas, which we usually always strive to avoid, are shown in the writing with such clarity. This demonstrates how perceptive she is, as well as the relevancy of her song in today’s environment. Furthermore, her steady strong vocal delivery gives exactly the proper impression to firmly embed the thinking chords within us.

In terms of production, the main framework is based primarily on electronic textures. In addition, the production adds a lot of dynamism to the way the song moves. It contains some incredible highs and lows that keep us engrossed in the whole listening space. The vocal harmonies and chops do a great job of setting the tone of the song. The rhythm is very lively, causing you to nod along with the beats. The chorus is quite infectious, with crisp kick and sawtooth bass textures that seem rock solid. The entire sonic space and ambiance are appealing enough to keep you hooked on the tune. As the song grows in popularity among listeners, it will undoubtedly change dramatically.

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