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Nero Simon and the Sunsetters – Treasure Chest | Classic, Timeless, Fresh

The only thing better than the band name Nero Simon and the Sunsetters is their immersive music! The adventure-seeking artists aim to tell moving stories through their classic soft-rock sound, with their own modern touch to it, of course. Their latest release is a vibrant track with a myriad of emotions called “Treasure Chest”, their second single from the discography. Featuring folksy sounds fused with magical atmospheres, love, and adventure, the band takes you on an interesting journey with their new single.

We said I love you / For the first time / On a seven-mile bridge

“Treasure Chest” begins with an acoustic guitar-driven progression in a space of nostalgia. A classic rock-toned vocal melody takes centre stage as some soft percussions support the groove. It’s got a laid-back feel to it, with a familiar sound reminiscent of 80s rock, but fused with the ‘chill’ vibe of modern music; a fantastic blend if you ask me!

As the track progresses, it takes on many different colours in the pre-chorus, and later on as well, with emotional chord changes and saxophone melodies. Nero Simon and the Sunsetters sure bring back the sound of the timeless classics with this song, and that’s what makes their music stand out from most of the songs out there. Lush vocal harmonies support the final chorus along with the intimate, raw instrumentation of “Treasure Chest”, ending the about four-minute-long track excellently.

We were once shooting stars / We were coming undone / Two souls drifting apart / Now we’re finding out the way to each other’s arms

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