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Macanto - Smart People
Macanto - Smart People

Macanto – Smart People | Jazz Funk

Smart People is the latest single by the experimental jazz trio from Europe – Macanto. The band consists of piano, bass and guitar. However, the range of guest musicians and singers often extends far beyond that. Additionally, Macanto explores a wide array of sounds in their repertoire with eclectic instrumentation and arrangement choices. Their newest track is a perfect example, an upbeat jazz-funk song with a saxophonist and two vocalists.

Smart People is a song that characterises an individual unhappy with themselves and their lives. It describes a hypochondriac who chases material possession in their lives to fill a void. The ethos of the track is that peace both externally and internally begins with one’s relationship with themselves. The narrative employs two perspectives – a reaction to the individual and a perspective from the individual. Furthermore, the voices are bilingual – an English soul/gospel singer and a German rapper.

Macanto has very intelligently merged in elements of pure swing-era jazz and funk-soul. The notion of fusion is not novel in and of itself, but on Smart People, Macanto has genuinely discovered its own niche. The song is inundated with searing saxophone lines and Mccoy Tyner-esque piano playing that makes for great harmonic content, mixed with funky guitar and distorted clav. Moreover, the drummer seamlessly moves between playing downbeat-heavy funk rhythms and bebop vocabulary. Similarly, the bass player moves beautifully between funky growling bass playing and subtle swinging walking basslines.

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