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Kevin Roy Correll - KRC Kevin Roy Correll
Kevin Roy Correll - KRC Kevin Roy Correll

Kevin Roy Correll – Victory | Powerfully-Driven

Kevin Roy Correll is still kicking it with his powerful melodies and hard-driven rock. After reviewing his track Wouldn’t Change A Thing, we now sit down with an older release, Victory. Kevin’s affinity for Rock is something I’ve always admired, especially with his ability to keep the music flowing. He keeps writing despite not being able to find other reliable musicians to work with.

Victory is a powerful track that reminds me of the good old days of Rock N’ Roll. There are a lot of elements that point towards Led Zeppelin-like melodies and rhythms. Moreover, he crafts his sound around his extremely powerful vocals in order to achieve this high-powered, heavy sound. Victory runs on for 5 minutes, following a verse-chorus-interlude structure. It is, most certainly, the kind of track that will boost your spirits – much like Man In Motion by John Parr. I suppose that may be the lost part of Rock N’ Roll that we have missed over the course of time.

As a huge fan of Kevin Roy Correll and Rock music, in general, I must admit that there’s significant growth since his earlier work. The fact of the matter is that Kevin Roy Correll has preserved the Rock identity and done justice to a lost art. Additionally, there’s so much more to say about this gem of an artist, but his music speaks for itself.

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