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Jason Rueger and the Eyes – Fault Line | Mellow and Dreamy

Today we take a look at the melancholic yet hopeful sounds of Jason Rueger and the Eyes, a psychedelic folk group from Los Angeles. They recently put out a dreamy, somewhat slowcore-reminiscent track called “Fault Line”. The band is now back after the release of their self-titled 2021 album and it sure does seem like another record is in the works. With a sound that showcases a blend of alluring melodies in a space filled with wonder, Jason Rueger and the Eyes delivers an enthralling performance with their latest release.

“Fault Line,” opens with a beautiful reverse piano piece followed by a lively drumbeat; very laid-back and airy from the start. Rueger’s soothing vocals are surrounded by guitars as the track progresses in a reverb-y space and it sounds just like a daydream. The mellow feel of the instrumentation works really well with his delicate voice as he sings a heartfelt tune.

What I enjoyed most in this track was the subtle transitions and filler elements played on the piano and guitars. It’s a pleasure to hear all the sounds cohesively blend and play with one another over a deep bassline, further enhancing the ‘dreamy’ aspect of the track. Additionally, with a clear mix, the intricately produced elements stand out even more – a real treat for the ears! The track keeps evolving with time and finally ends with a soft outro section that fades out the sounds of wonder into silence.

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