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Arun O’Connor – Too Far Gone | Uplifting Alt-Country

For more than 15 years, session musician and musical director Arun O’Connor has been an active part of the alt-country music scene in New Zealand. Working with many of the genre’s most prominent international artists, O’Connor became recognized as one of the most talented musicians in NZ. After the successful release of his last single in 2019, “Following The Line”, the multi-talented singer-songwriter came out with a new track in late 2021, titled “Too Far Gone“. O’Connor is known for his powerful voice and engaging compositions that will probably have you pressing the ‘repeat’ button a few times!

A simple drum rhythm sets the upbeat groove of ‘Too Far Gone’ along with crunchy electric guitars. O’Connor sings a nostalgic tune about heartbreak and mistakes, though the track has a bit of a motivating vibe to it. He hopes people learn from their bad choices and change for the better. Second chances aren’t all that common, but sometimes, they’re very necessary to keep you going. Introspection might just allow it, so it’s important to know what’s really important in life.

While “Too Far Gone” is a country song full of dynamic choruses and stinging guitars, it also plays like a pop track that I think would appeal to a mainstream audience as well. O’Connor’s experience in the industry is evident from his classy composition style and as usual, his vocals are the definite highlight of his songs. His latest release is a single from his upcoming debut album Songs From the Reading Room. I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more from him soon!

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