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Pyano ||-Way I See It
Pyano ||-Way I See It
Pyano ||-Way I See It

Pyano ||-Way I See It | Hush and Mellow

The rap scene is congested, even for indie artists. Every once in a while, an artist will rise amongst them, writing the tightest verses and understanding the power of the bars they spit. Pyano || is on the rise, to becoming an artist who will decide his destiny. In a place so overplayed with power and the poison that is the industry, he will change the odds. This is his new single, Way I See It.

Many might know Pyano || from his popular track From the Beginning. He’s released several singles in the last year, all of them received well from an ever-growing indie music base. Pyano || is up for collaborations as well, he’s appeared on three artists’ albums. This growing listener and collaborative approach is what keeps him on his toes and his rhymes piping hot by the time its ready to deliver. Contents of his tracks contain a mellow, smoothed over vibe which is the right approach to a volatile take on sound we usually see.

The track uses a mainstream beat, but that was never the point. There are synth melodies and overlaid frequencies that are really gripping, complementing Pyano’s delivery style. It’s a tale of his perspective, one man’s view of things and the swerve of perspective. Way I See It sees his signature delivery style stack up against evolved R&B and more raw elements of hip-hop.

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