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Josh Long - Last June
Josh Long - Last June

Josh Long – Last June | Medley

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter and music producer Josh Long sports a discography that truly manages to encapsulate the groove and emotion of vintage discotheque with contemporarily urban pop lyricism.

The self-taught musician dives back into his discography with the release of his fourth consecutive track after a short year-long hiatus Last June. The track appears on his collections after the success of his previous tracks such as Divide, Luv’n U and Shooting Star. In Last June, Josh Long manages to identify and reinvigorate the frenzied 1980s classic disco rock musical arrangements, replete with futuristic sounding synth waves, coupled with the vocoded Julian Casablancas-sounding vocal performance.

Musically, the track would be right up the lane of tracks by Daft Punk and some of the early Voidz records — combining a retroesque decadent sound with the intonational vibe of modern popular music. Long’s medley of two vastly different genres opens up a wide avenue of musical pathways that have perhaps been previously unpacked, making his journey as a musician equally enthralling to document as it may well be the development of a style that carries itself into the popular culture of today. 

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