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Halocity – wondering | indie-pop debut

Atlanta-based indie artist band Halocity strive to help people feel a little less alone through their music. They describe their sound as ‘chill’ and are inspired by alternative/indie artists like Sleeping at Last, Ouse and Novo Amor. The band just came out with their debut single titled, ‘wondering‘ which gives listeners a glimpse into their sound – a captivating mix of ethereal textures and genre-transcending elements.

The track is introduced with a warm piano that plays a melancholic progression over traces of sustained strings. “I found my love in the garden/I watched it grow/A tornado of beauty/Came and it broke”. Halocity’s lead singer takes centre stage and sings a hauntingly beautiful melody in her alluring voice.

As the track progresses, soft harmonies accompany reverb-drenched percussions and give the song a hip-hop-like feel. What’s interesting is the blend of strings in the final verse and chorus sections, where there’s an orchestral atmosphere that surrounds Halocity’s lush vocals. Along with the thumping beat, it all ties up quite well.

With more and more bands getting into the alternative/indie scene nowadays, a lot of playlists are saturated with songs that sound very similar. It’s great how Halocity breaks the trend with their debut release, and I think they are a band to look out for! Their sound is fresh and has an intriguing quality to it. wondering’, in my opinion, is an excellent way to start off the discography and I’m eager to hear what else they have in store!

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