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Ehmed Nauman – To Know You | Nostalgic punk rock

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer/songwriter Ehmed Nauman recently unveiled a track from his upcoming album called ‘To Know You’. The Chicago-based bedroom producer is known for his alt-rock releases, which fuse punk-heavy vocals and guitars, bringing back the indie sounds of 90s rock. With his latest release, he shares a sneak-peek into his next album’s sound – a modern rock mix of nostalgia and psychedelia.

The track is introduced with a tight drum rhythm that plays with a few distorted guitars to set the groove of the track. With its raw, natural-sounding instrumentation, it almost feels as if it’s a live recording; quite intimate and engaging if you ask me! Nauman captures the essence of a positive song by blending his elegantly processed vocals with xylophone melodies and energetic rhythms. He sings a motivating, somewhat upbeat tune about his learnings from past experiences.

C’mon, where do you wanna be?/Don’t think out loud/Tomorrow is another day/Come over, still/We can sit around and watch TV/But you easily could take it all and throw it away

Sometimes, people are not always what they initially appear to be. It takes a lot of effort to really know someone, and after trying for a while, it feels like too much of a struggle. The way Nauman has expressed his feelings in his laid-back style really makes this track stand out from the rest. Additionally, the song’s masterful mix further enhances the listening experience; a great addition to the artist’s vibrant discography!

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