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Perttu Leinonen-Mind Open
Perttu Leinonen-Mind Open
Perttu Leinonen-Mind Open

Perttu Leinonen-Mind Open | Explorative

These expressive pieces are not for everyone. They are performative, experimental ambient music that transcend the need for lyrics and composed notes. With a theme in mind, Perttu Leinonen releases his second album in two years, Mind Open. It has mixtures of all kinds of ambiences and effects, placed with careful consideration.

Perttu’s music sounds like the instrumentals used for a provocative piece of art that requires regression and deliberation. Each track has a theme that Perttu has tried to experiment with. As long as you remember shows this in many segments of the track. This contains barely any coherent beat to hold on to or some kind of symphony that has a closed loop. This track could be considered the personification of memory. It varies in frequency, only slightly sometimes. There is some semblance of sanity for those who would wish to travel.

A harmonic pyramid as base

Perttu said his inspiration for this album was coffee table talks about pyramid lengths & their frequency relations in pyramid space. Harmonic progressions exist in nature that curate natural progressive thought and can even lean to healing. Everything floats past your eyes is a track that expresses this well. With overlapping sounds that depict harmonically an entity like the matrix, it proceeds organically. In many parts, it changes sound waves and frequencies. Adding another element he creates a sound change too subtle to be a tectonic shift.

You can is a track that focuses on the ambient nature of what om or aum is in meditative nature. It is the building and deconstruction of a singular sound and its various tones. Such a sound is often emulated in centers of mediation. It is believed to connect aural frequencies and is conducive to a calm, composed environment. It is in these moments Perttu Leinonen adds other ambient sounds that aggravate this effect.

Creating a duality in singularity

Try grab it is a track that has some aid of electronica, discovered in parts. Parts of the track confluence with this core sound, creating a symbiotic, melodic nature to the sound. Marconi Union had a track called Weightless that used this heartbeat approach to a backbone that is an illusion. There are sudden shifts in sounds as well, keeping the organic nature of the evolving sound as its principle. All within the harmonic pyramid construct.

And bring back the essence might be the only track with a traditional music connect with a beat. To create layers, this is syncopated through the track. Perrtu has thoroughly experimented with his work to create this masterpiece. A lot of it is very dependent on how the listener translates it. These long, performance art pieces aren’t for white noise sound. Perttu hopes these tracks will impact a free flowing essence of thought. Perttu creates a base sound around which these frequencies revolve. It is refreshing to see this kind of approach in music.

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