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Gemini Chris | Animal | Sonic Alchemy | EDM
Gemini Chris | Animal | Sonic Alchemy | EDM

Gemini Chris – Animal | Industrial Grime

The purpose of music, I feel is to give direction to an experience. It acts as a catalyst or an inhibitor depending on the choice of music and set and setting. A powerful tool that can evoke emotions of happiness, excitement or even sadness and melancholy. Learning to use this tool, that is learning about the time and place for every kind of music gives you almost wizard like powers. Look at every successful live performing artist today, they have this magical power of uplifting your energy and emotions. Gemini Chris is one such artist. A sonic alchemist, that can modify sound to suit the time and place and ‘Animal’ is an industrial grime EDM masterpiece.

Gemini Chris, is a London based DJ, event organizer, performer and music producer. A jack of all trades. He has been part of some of the most exclusive parties on the planet, contributed to chart toppers and overall had a lot of international success.

‘Animals’, right from the start is an absolute banger of a track. A powerful track with a lot of industrial elements that give it a raw feeling. A raw feeling of absolute energy and power. This is the definition of club music. When I listen to this track, I am taken into the world of an action-packed movie like ‘John Wick’ or the sort. Its like the background music that plays while the ‘Baba Yaga’ wreaks havoc in a night club!

Chris has done a really good job producing this track. The thick industrial bassline stands out in the track, acting as a melody as well. It’s a pure adrenaline packed EDM track that focuses mainly on the dance element. The vocals are a real nice touch and give the necessary dynamics to this track. They give direction to the track and also act as a bridge between parts of the track. Its like the vocals are the glue holding the whole thing together. There are some random ear candies like the reloading of a shot gun that is a really nice touch.

“I am an animal inside. Release my animal. Feel my animal. Im an animal tonight. We are unstoppable animals!”

Overall, ‘Animals’ is like an adrenaline pill; filled with energy and brainwashing lyrics that are designed to make you lose control in the club!

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