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Flamma - No Patience
Flamma - No Patience

Flamma – No Patience | Aggressively Explosive

Flamma (short for flammable) is a Drill and Rap artist based in the United Kingdom. With loads of life experience under his belt, he channels his energy into his creative process. Funnily enough, Flamma is a firefighter. However, he received the nickname prior to him joining the force. You can really hear how fiery and passionate he is when he raps. Moreover, you may not even catch some of his bars if you’re not paying close attention to the track.

No Patience is the type of Drill track that goes absolutely berserk. You can really hear, and visualise the violence and grit that only comes from traumatic life experiences. Flamma fuels his music with raw emotion and manic energy that kind of echoes throughout his discography. The beat has been really well-crafted to induce and immerse the listener in this hostile environment. No Patience is an open letter or rant that just needed to be said. The whole track fits together brilliantly. Everything from the beat to the rhythm and rhyme sits perfectly together.

Drill is, certainly, one of the most explosive genres to break into. However, Flamma knows just how to tweak his voice and adapt to his track efficiently. Incidentally, the rage and fire just seep through you as you listen to him describe his lack of patience with his finances. There are so many different elements to the track that will blow your mind upon listening to it over multiple times.

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