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Jay Blanes – Miserable | Summery Indie-pop

London-based singer-songwriter Jay Blanes kicks off the year with a new and upbeat pop single called ‘Miserable’. He’s best known for his releases ‘Natalie’ and ‘Fireworks’ that showcase his disco-inspired, indie pop sound. With his latest release, he brings the lively and cheerful vibes his fans love him for with addictive melodies and groovy rhythms. Having released a constant stream of singles and EPs since 2019, Blanes is no stranger to the music scene, with over 12,000 followers and 560,000 streams worldwide.

‘Miserable’ begins with a chill guitar progression and some simple rhythms that accompany Blanes’ soft vocals right from the start. He sings a relatable story about his experience with love and lust over summery chord progressions and disco-infused melodies ­– “I told my heart to love you, it didn’t behave/I told it to surrender, to make me a slave/Of your soul/But just as usual/It made me miserable“.

With its catchy hook and engaging instrumentation, the track takes on different colours as it progresses; a very well-produced song with excellent dynamics! Blanes’ performance is full of joy and energy here and he sure does seem to enjoy what he’s doing. He’s been performing in cities like London, Paris, LA and Barcelona since the age of 7 and his experience as a performer/songwriter is clearly evident from his latest high-spirited release. ‘Miserable’ is another excellent addition to his discography and I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more amazing music from him soon!

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