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Edison Miller-Lucid
Edison Miller-Lucid
Edison Miller-Lucid

Edison Miller-Lucid | Take charge

Let’s say the question is, how much of a chance do you give a new artist? They’re new, and your apprehensions about their music might not be baseless. Take the answer to be Edison Miller. With his second track under his belt, Lucid, he sure is a bantamweight fighting at heavyweight. The part that is for sure? He’s winning.

Lucid is Edison Miller’s first track for the year. It is a funk based pop tune, a bit of Cory Henry and a lot of Edison Miller. If his previous track White Silhouettes was an alt-rock track with a pop spine, he’s changed it up. He’s talented enough to create an infectious riff that runs through the song, yet has a surprise feature. Lucid is Edison Miller’s swan song, even if you consider just his two releases.

The song has an interesting breakdown as well, building back to the same chorus with some genuinely musical choices and not overcomplicating things. This would be a great track to perform live in full capacity if circumstances were different. Iron & Wine with some spring in their step, that is how I would describe Edison Miller. He however, is an artist who has found his own niche in indie music, and we can’t wait for more of his work.

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