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Who Parked The Car – Rock Climbing | Isometric Experience

Who Parked The Car, an eight-piece band, has just released a new tune called “Rock Climbing,” which is a joy to listen to. The band has expertly blended elements from a variety of musical genres, including Jazz, Pop, and considerable Funk influences. The music also illustrates crucial issues that we all seem to be aware of, yet fail to prioritise and act on in order to achieve long-term progress. I was especially fascinated by the way the writing incorporated a character, the bird, who provided us with an aerial view of the earth we live on and how destructive we have become, prompting us to take additional steps toward a positive change. The good writing is backed up with a fantastic performance.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the arrangements. There are several very wonderful improvisations that we get to listen, and they’re all linked by a saxophone theme that binds everything together. The upbeat bass and guitar lines try their utmost to maintain the mood playful and upbeat. The piano gently handles the progression, and the slight variations provide a lovely harmonic depth to the music, making it sound simply stunning. Every instrument has its own separate place and sounds incredibly synchronised. In summary, the arrangements were quite clear, which helped to keep things appropriate and relatively friendly for post-production. I’m sure the song would definitely appeal to ardent listeners.

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