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Sydney Gordon | Chains | Spellbinding vocals | Pop
Sydney Gordon | Chains | Spellbinding vocals | Pop

Sydney Gordon – Chains | Spellbinding Voice

Sydney Gordon shines brightest even when everything has been stripped away. The band gives color to the New York musician’s dreamy, fragile song about intimacy and reminiscence. Further, their slightest touches make her spellbinding voice sound even more so. She has just released her debut single ‘Chains’.

Music captivated Sydney Gordon since her childhood probably because her grandfather was a vocalist with his own radio show. She started singing when she was barely 7 years and by the time she was 12, her parents understood that she needed a vocal coach. Her first live show was when she was just 13 at The Bitter End in New York. She is what some people would call a musical prodigy. Her life has revolved around music and it shows. However talented one is, hard work and dedication is fundamental for success. You can see her work ethic in this spellbinding single, and it will definitely be a best seller.

‘Chains’ starts off with a very familiar beat that I am not able to put my finger on. Just as I was thinking this, Sydney says “here we go again” – coincidence? Her voice is nothing short of awe inspiring as it pierces through the listener’s emotions. It’s a fast-paced single with a simple percussion beat that adds just enough movement to this track. Sounds like a powerful kick coupled with a rattling snare and the occasional snare. The melody of chains compliments the vocals and must I add that the production is impeccable? The sticky earworm of a hook in this single has squiggled its way right into my brain. An electrifying feeling, just like the hook. Seeing her single already on some tiktok trend playlists on spotify is probably good, considering the amount of exposure her music will get.

You definitely don’t have to put me in chains to listen to this single, fast paced and exciting throughout. It almost feels like she leads you on and leaves you craving for more. Her voice is enchanting and leaves listeners spellbound.

Listen to ‘Chains’

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