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Pariz | Someone to forget | Propulsive | EDM
Pariz | Someone to forget | Propulsive | EDM

Pariz – Someone to Forget | Propulsive

On the surface, ‘Someone to forget’ speaks about love and sacrifice. It talks about everything that you go through with that person you love. ‘No matter what, you mustn’t lose faith in yourself’ is what Pariz wants to convey to his listeners. A propulsive single that can do really well in clubs and festivals.

Pariz is a 22-year-old music producer based in the United States. His music might be generic on the surface but in actuality, it is his interpretation of dance music. There are traces of different genres in his new single, creating a unique style.

‘Someone to forget’ is a fast-paced single that has the potential to become a best seller with the right propulsion. Pariz is a skilled producer and you can see it in this track. He has added the right amount of dubstep grime to give that necessary push to the listeners to get up and dance! The vocals act like the story telling element of this track. The background with crashes and some noise that help the listener transition through this heart-breaking story of love and self-respect.

The arrangement of the track is really good and all the elements are right where they belong. Every element of the track is vivid and nothing is being masked. This isn’t an easy feat in mixing for Pariz to achieve. Especially when you are mixing genres and making dance music. Simply holding onto the beautiful sounding space would be both engaging and reassuring to the listeners. Pariz is definitely not ‘someone to forget’.

In conversation with Pariz

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to talk to Pariz about the single, and here’s what he had to say!

Q1 – Before we get into anything else, I really want to know the story behind your name.

So, the story behind my artist name is that one day I was looking up on urban dictionary random names & I came across Paris and the description of the name was basically describing me so I thought “Why not?” I liked the name and it sounded good to me. Think the description talks about a girl because Paris is a girl name according to urban dictionary, but I was like “I really like this name” so I just stuck with it and changed the s to a Z.

Q2 – Someone to Forget’ is your latest release. What inspired you or rather what triggered you into making this single? It seems like a lot of emotion has been poured into this one!

I was just thinking about my emotions and things that have happened to me. I like to make songs based off of what I’m feeling & anything that I can remember from my life and sometimes I’ll take a little inspiration from other people’s life too.

Q3 – This is a question that every artist has a different way of answering but a rather simple one. How do you decide when your track is complete? How do you know that it’s ready to be shared with the rest of the world? A simple question with an important answer that can
help budding producers out today.

Every track I do is never finished. Ask any artist about one of their songs and they’ll tell you that that song is not finished. We as artist tend to be really hard on ourselves when it comes to our craft. Like for me personally, I’m always listening to my music to hear mistakes or something I can fix. I just try to get my songs to the point where I’m enjoying the music more then listening to mistakes. You never know, someone might like how your song the way it is right now but the only to know for sure is to release it.

Q4 – What does music mean to you? How important a role does it play in your life?

Music means everything to me. Music plays a HUGE important role in my life, it’s my outlet. When I’m feeling down, sad, depressed, mad, I turn to music and make something of it. 

Q5 – Do you think you would enjoy playing for a crowd or are you more reclusive about your music?

I would love to play to a crowd but I think I’m at that point where I’m not that comfortable to play my music live. I want my music to be the best that it can be before I do that so right now my main focus is trying to get my music to sound better.

Check out his latest single “Someone to forget” :

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