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No Dream - Unwanted Contact
No Dream - Unwanted Contact

No Dream – Unwanted Contact | Hymn for the Hopeless

Unwanted Contact is No Dream’s latest release; it is a dark, distorted number with a musical rhythm that grabs attention and consumes the listener. At the same time, it is built by the artist to not reveal much. It has a sinister, metal-like vibe which delves into the human psyche, and its horrors.


The creator of the musical project No Dream is an artist by the name of Nicholas Jackson. And he acknowledges this as the intent of his music: to turn over the trope of today’s successful music and reveal the truth about the listener. In his own words, his music is for ‘the socially dissident and the emotionally dyslexic.’ His is a new spin on music theory – his music is far from today’s pop tracks which are built to strike on TikTok. So what is his intent behind this?

Well, I think people are not really listening to music anymore. They are not hearing one note shift to another, or if you get fancy and put a key change in a song — no one is paying attention. They want tik tok songs, they want Ariana Grande, they want rhythm and emotion but just enough to say they have rhythm and emotion — never enough to feel something. So, the goal was to thing about creating music at a more simple level, more drone, more noise — the key changes are there, the complex timing is there — but I know that no one cares, so why not cover it up with distortion and black it out.”

About No Dream

Dark as it may seem, No Dream has the kind of take on life that inspires creation. Afterall, it is discomfort that soothes the turmoil inside. However, all I knew about the musician is his name and that he is based out of the East Villace og NYC. So I inquired: who is the musician?

I’m an artist, a designer and a musician. I always try to make work that represents ‘those that don’t belong’. I have a great distaste for the superficial, yet still find myself surrounded with it. I’m always looking to escape.

And what about the name No Dream for this musical project? It cannot be perceived as all gloom, rather it reflects something much more complex. It stands for a loss of hope, no sense of future, and the lack of human desire. Here is how No Dream settled in on the name: “I wanted to name this music and art project but was not sure what I wanted it to be. I knew I wanted something that felt hopeless, that had the sentiment of what the future for many of us feels like. No Dream felt right.

Creating Unwanted Contact

No Dream’s answer gives a lot away, but not everything. The project occupies a unique position in the world of musical sensibilities. When asked how did this project come to be, here is what the musician replied: “Frustration with music and not hearing the kind of edge I wanted in current music. I felt like it was time to make the music I wanted to hear.”

In conclusion, the song Unwanted Contact isn’t simply a catchy collection of melodic rhythms. It is a definite dive into the uncomfortable side of reality. Its hymnic lyrics and soft-scream vocalizations put it on the metal-rock territory. However, in its essence it is far more. What inspired the song’s disturbia? About this, No Dream had something big to give away.

Unwanted Contact is one sound of four, that all fit into my new EP — Lima Syndrome. It’s a story about two sociopaths that find each other, hunt each other and attempt to capture each other, then they have to escape society. I’ll let the listener pull out what is what.”


There is much to mull over, and Unwanted Contact only makes you wonder what is more. It can either inspire unprecendented introspection, or it can be a lull that silences. It seems to me that the ultimate decision is unique to each listener.

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