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Frostisrad-McLovin/The Ugly One
Frostisrad-McLovin/The Ugly One
Frostisrad-McLovin/The Ugly One

FROSTisRAD-McLovin/The Ugly One | In the zeitgeist

There are a handful of people who don’t love Superbad. They are the ones actively destroying the environment, shitting in clean water and all. Every good person isn’t classified by Socrates principles. An easier thing to do is to ask them if they love Superbad. FROSTisRAD loves Superbad, and hence I love them. Their single is called McLovin/The Ugly One.

He got the chick in the end though. McLovin is a fun hip-hop/pop fusion track that has some clean melody and interesting verses. FROSTisRAD released 9 songs last year, and McLovin was just one of them. Using a simple beat and a stripped bare symphonic arpeggio, the song is short and sweet. The references are clear and funny, he’s Superbad, he’s McLovin. If you don’t get it, watch the movie and get a life. In that order.

FROSTisRAD explores a lot of emotions through life’s simplicities. Their singles like Nikon/Fuji and sometimes i just want to be alone are just types of artistic explorations where we see lightning fast rhymes as well as relatable, concise music being made, with the AV Club. It is clear this is more than a passion project, as frequent as a heart beat in some cases. They might be McLovin, but they’re smashing through the glass ceiling.

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