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Francesca Guerra – Summer | Pleasant Flavour

Francesca Guerra, an Italian singer-songwriter, has just released a new song called “Summer“, which is really stunning. The atmosphere is reassuringly tranquil and full of gentle emotions. The song just elevates your spirits and makes you feel fantastic. Francesca’s vocal timbre blends in beautifully with the surroundings. She gives a sophisticated performance, thoroughly immersing herself in the mood. The lyrics has a subtle pathos to it. She incorporates her anecdotes into the lyrics in such a lovely manner. She expresses herself with such clarity and compassion. The writing’s purity and simplicity allow us connect with our inner selves. It does disclose her own experiences in the writing, which takes a lot of guts and honesty to write down truthfully and without any censorship.

The production has such wonderful tranquil textures that draw you in and keep you there. The side chain is utilised in such a creative way in the production that it really helps to maintain the pulse stable and the momentum flowing. Each piece is incorporated into the structure in such a unique way. Nothing is occurring too much, the application is quite simplistic, yet there is so much clarity that the frequency band is actually covered. As a result, the sound is rich and full. Each layer blended seamlessly into the next. The ambiance appears to be appealing enough to secure your engagement. If such a song can maintain your attention, it’s likely that it’ll sound incredibly good to you, and you’ll want to add it to your playlist.

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