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Robert Kuhn-Screen Savior
Robert Kuhn-Screen Savior
Robert Kuhn-Screen Savior

Robert Kuhn-Screen Savior | Like the waves

Robert Kuhn is a poet with wanderlust. Combine that with the yearning to make music and create something pure as art, you have an unstoppable force. Having traveled the world for 12 years, the Texas local has many tales to tell. Of things that matter, and things that don’t. It is what life is comprised of, and his latest single is called Screen Savior. It is a beautiful narrative by the songwriter that is stripped bare of pretense.

Using a slow, simple time signature-Kuhn makes this one a picturesque view on the shore. Exactly the one he uses as his album art, because that is what the song exudes. Its not a song per se, as per melody and harmony, but it does what Robert Kuhn intends. The resounding synth sounds and clean strumming create for a rich yet deserted backdrop for him to sing. Lyrics like save your breath and stay, make for pleasures of the moment, of company and life.

Kuhn released his first album in 2013, Everybody Knows. Traveling for sure between the albums, Maria the Gun was released in 2017. His latest singles like Persevere, Low Way and Dragons follow a common thematic ground. From 2020, they’ve been released periodically, with Kuhn’s classic songwriting skill and penchant for simplicity.

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