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Penner – Wish I Could Float Away | Gorgeous sound space

Penner makes her debut with the exhilarating track “Wish I Could Float Away.” For me, the song is presented with excellence at every level of the process, including superb songwriting, composition, production, and performances, and the whole experience is further enhanced with such clarity in the mix. The writing is powerful, evoking inner strength to tackle any negative ideas or events. The writing’s upbeat mood is given even more depth in the production. The production’s dynamics and broad range are truly amazing. Despite the hefty multi-layered textures and instrumentation, there is a lot of clarity. The mix also plays a role in making us feel the way Penner meant in her words.

The synthesiser layers sound pretty cool and have a great deep tone to them. The production’s essence is the sub heavy bass, which makes us feel the warmth and massiveness of the place. Electric guitars are well-placed and integrated throughout the tune. The soundtrack isn’t cluttered by any of the instruments. The structure of the song and how it starts softly with only the cello matching the vocals and quickly grows into a stunning exquisite sound space was something I realised after listening to it several times. The vocal performances only serve to heighten the atmosphere. I am convinced that the music will appeal to a wide range of listeners all across the world.

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